Ferguson “Black Male Crisis” Documentary In The Works…


Yes, really…

Via Variety:

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Amy Berg and actor Nate Parker are teaming on a “Black Male Crisis” documentary in the U.S. in the wake of the August shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. in August.

Berg, Parker and writer-director Matthew Cooke launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday — two days after the announcement of a grand jury failing to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting.

The campaign has already generated $3,125 or 12% of its $25,000 goal. Deadline for contributions is Jan. 5.

“In response to the growing problem of racial disparity due to the ongoing dehumanization of black men, actor and activist Nate Parker is setting out on a journey of investigation,” the campaign site said. “He will venture into black communities to speak to various stakeholders about the crisis facing these men. Through the examination of specific cases, Nate will create relevant and responsive discourse with the intention of mining strong and tangible solutions to combat this ever-growing crisis.”

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Rules For White People At #Ferguson Protests In Canada: Don’t Take Up Space, Stay In The Back


Via Daily Mail:

A set of rules for white people at a vigil for Michael Brown in Canada has sparked controversy with critics accusing organizers of promoting segregation.

‘Non black allies’ were told to ‘refrain from taking up space in all ways possible’ and ‘never be at the centre of anything’ at the event in Toronto on November 25.

The Facebook page also advised white demonstrators to ‘refrain from speaking to the media’ and ‘stand behind black folks or between us and the police’.

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Hollywood Moonbats Fight Against Ferguson Decision With ‘Blackout Friday’

Blackout Firday

Crowds in line for the black Friday sales are interfering with the looting and rioting.

Via Philly Com

Hollywood leaders are supporting a nationwide protest of the Ferguson grand jury decision Monday not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown, under the social media hashtag #BlackoutFriday and organized through the collective Blackout for Human Rights.

“Fruitvale Station” director Ryan Coogler, “Selma” helmer Ava DuVernay, “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Jesse Williams, Russell Simmons, Michael B. Jordan and others have voiced their support for Blackout Friday, an effort to “make Black Friday (November 28, 2014) a nationwide day of action and retail boycott.”

“Blackout will be organizing grassroots events, nationwide, for people to come out and show their solidarity in the fight for equal human rights,” read the website. […]

DuVernay will moderate a Q&A session Friday following a screening series presented by African American Film Festival Releasing Movement at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles, which will feature “Fruitvale Station,” DuVernay’s “Middle of Nowhere” and “25 to Life.”

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Video: Rioters Loot And Set #Ferguson Market On Fire, Hero Local Woman Rushes In To Put Fire Out

See more of the video here, from Right Scoop, including the arson and the woman saving the store.

This is the store that Michael Brown stole the cigarillos from, strong arming the owner, as Brown tried to get away. It was hit twice before, but was attacked a third time on the night of the grand jury decision. You can see in the video people with a plan going to great effort to get in, past boards and bars to destroy the store. Then, a man very deliberately spreads accelerant around and lights it on fire. He sprays more accelerant on the fire before he flees the store.

A woman, described as a local frequent customer of the store, courageously rushes in and pours milk on it to put it out, otherwise the store might have gone up.

According to the attorney for the store, Jay Kanzler, the store through the various attacks has suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and loss, and they have set up a gofundme account to help out the store.

Picture of the Patel family cleaning up their store:
Ferguson Market

Obama: The Only People Who Have The Right To Object To Immigration Are Native Americans

President Obama Delivers Remarks On Executive Action Immigration Reform

Typical strawman. No one is objecting to immigration, people are objecting to ILLEGAL immigration and a president who not only condones the breaking of the law, but assists in it, by violating the Constitution, Mr. President. Not to mention that “Native Americans” are not a static entity, all of them were immigrants as well.

Via The Independent:

President Obama quite succinctly summed up the absurdity of the Republicans’ issues with his immigration reform in Chicago yesterday, arguing that perhaps the only people who can legitimately be pissed off about illegal immigrants are Native Americans.

Returning to his hometown to speak, the president tried to place his recent executive action, which saved five million immigrants from deportation, within a great American tradition of welcoming foreigners.

“If you look at the history of immigration in this country, each successive wave there have been periods where the folks who were already here have said, ‘Well I don’t want those folks,'” he said. “Even though the only people who have the right to say that are some Native Americans.”

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Congressman Thanks Members Of The Military In GOP Thanksgiving Address


Compared to Barry’s remarks on his favorite holiday


Newly elected Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) delivered the Republican Thanksgiving Day address on Thursday, emphasizing his gratitude for the sacrifices made by members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

“For many, there will be no homecoming this week. From Afghanistan to Iraq to Korea, our troops continue to patrol the world to bring peace and security for us all. From Marines in Liberia to sailors across the oceans to airmen over the Asian skies to the sentinels standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, these troops will sacrifice the comforts of family and home so we can enjoy them. To each of you, on behalf of the people of a grateful nation, I extend our deepest thanks for your honorable and faithful service.”

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#Ferguson Grand Jury Reveals The Inconsistencies Of Witnesses Which Fed False Media Narrative

dorian johnson and friends

Yet it was these same witnesses that the media used to concoct its false narrative of the unarmed boy just shot down in the street.

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Some witnesses said Michael Brown had been shot in the back. Another said he was face-down on the ground when Officer Darren Wilson “finished him off.” Still others acknowledged changing their stories to fit published details about the autopsy or admitted that they did not see the shooting at all.

An Associated Press review of thousands of pages of grand jury documents reveals numerous examples of statements made during the shooting investigation that were inconsistent, fabricated or provably wrong. For one, the autopsies ultimately showed Brown was not struck by any bullets in his back.

Prosecutors exposed these inconsistencies before the jurors, which likely influenced their decision not to indict Wilson in Brown’s death.

Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecutor, said the grand jury had to weigh testimony that conflicted with physical evidence and conflicting statements by witnesses as it decided whether Wilson should face charges.

“Many witnesses to the shooting of Michael Brown made statements inconsistent with other statements they made and also conflicting with the physical evidence. Some were completely refuted by the physical evidence,” McCulloch said.

The decision Monday not to charge Wilson with any crime set off more violent protests in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson and around the country, fueled by claims that the unarmed black 18-year-old was shot while surrendering to the white officer in the mostly African-American city.

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Coast Guard Saves 193 Rare Sea Turtles From Global Warming

Cape Cod Turtles

The War on Global Warming is heating up from the polar vortex.

Via Stars and Stripes

A Coast Guard plane touched down in Orlando at dusk Tuesday, hauling a cargo of the world’s rarest sea turtles, rescued by volunteers from the lethally chilly waters and beaches of Cape Cod Bay.

Weighing only 2 to 10 pounds, the young Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles are among the first of an astounding wave of the reptiles to succumb to hypothermia in the “bucket” of the Massachusetts bay.

“They’re so small,” said Alyssa Hancock, a SeaWorld Orlando aquarium worker, peering into one of 101 banana boxes holding 193 turtles.

Turtle rescues happen every year in late fall in the Northeast, but for reasons not yet known what’s happening this year is “epic,” said one of the nearly two dozen volunteers passing boxes of turtles like a bucket brigade.

“Statistically, I feel like we are out on Pluto,” said Tony LaCasse, spokesman for the New England Aquarium’s marine-animal hospital in Quincy, Mass., who fears the number of cold-stunned turtles could quadruple.

“We’ve been rescuing sea turtles for 25 years, and we are just absolutely shocked,” LaCasse said.

Among possible explanation for the huge spike in turtle rescues – the record of 242 in 2012 has been eclipsed already this year by more than 400 rescues – is that the number of highly endangered Kemp’s ridleys has been increasing slightly in recent years.

So when more of them turned up for their normal summer feast on crabs in Cape Cod Bay, more were trapped there when water temperatures began to drop in September.

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What Do Fergtards Of #Ferguson Do On Thanksgiving?

If you guessed annoy people at Macy’s on Thanksgiving after lunch/dinner. You’re correct.

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Overwhelming Support Pours In For Woman Whose Store Was Damaged In #Ferguson Riots


We reported on rioters in Ferguson attacking Natalie’s Cakes and More and damaging the store. Her story has gone viral and the goodness of people from all over the world contributing has been amazing. The amount is now over 200,000.

Via Fox News:

There has been an overwhelming outpouring of support for a single mother whose bakery was damaged in the Ferguson protests.

The window of Natalie Dubose’s shop was smashed in during protests following a grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

A photo of Dubose (above) prompted calls from people who said they wanted to help her fix her store, and so they set up a GoFundMe page. The crowdfunding site raised $110,000 in a matter of hours, and the money is still rolling in.

Dubose opened Natalie’s Cakes and More in June after renting a booth at a flea market every weekend in order to make the money to set up a storefront. Business was good until August, when protests first began after Brown’s death.

“Sometimes I was counting $12 in an envelope at night after being there for 10 hours a day. And so that was a little depressing. I did a lot of praying, I did a lot of crying and some more crying. But all that, it kind of brought me here today.”

Dubose said that she still can’t come up with the words she would say to the people who damaged shops in her community. She said today on “Shepard Smith Reporting” that she had made pleas to individual protesters, urging them not to harm her store because it is her only source of income to raise her two kids.

“I was more hurt than anything,” she said.

As for those who’ve chipped in to help? Dubose says she is so grateful for the love and support that has poured in from across the country.

“If I could have arms big enough, I would just hug each and every last one of them,” she said of those who have donated.

A sample of Natalie Dubose’s cakes:

Dubose has expressed her gratitude on her gofundme page and is asking people to help some of the other businesses in the area:

I’m overwhelmed by the amazing generosity I’m receiving. The love, attention, support, the many, many people stopping by to say hello, the offers of assistance, the letters, the anonymous donations, the lovely letters, flowers, telephone calls, media support, and the support of the people of Ferguson.

Thank you for the wonderful comments, I can’t wait to read them all.

I am truly and humbly blessed.

People have ordered cakes for weeks in advance in support.

Obama Celebrates His “Favorite Holiday”


Via The Hill:

President Obama plans to watch some football on Thursday as he and his family celebrate Thanksgiving, his “favorite holiday.”

“Before we lift a fork, we lend a hand by going out into the community to serve some of our neighbors in need. And we give thanks for each other, and for all of God’s blessings,” Obama said a day after his family volunteered at a southeast Washington, D.C., food bank.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because, more than any other, it is uniquely American. Each of us brings our own traditions and cultures and recipes to the table – but we all share this day, united by the gratitude for the bounty of this nation,” Obama said.

The president will spend the day with friends and family “eating some good food and watching a little football,” Obama said in his weekly address Thursday, released two days early due to the shortened workweek.

Obama, a longtime Chicago Bears (5-6) fan, is sure to be cheering for his home state team as the underdogs go up against the Detroit Lions (7-4) starting around lunchtime on the East Coast.

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He didn’t get the memo that eating turkey is evil. While Michelle leaves school children with paltry lunches to celebrate, the Obama dinner table is heavily laden with lots of tasty fatty foods.

WASHINGTON, DC – The White House Press Office released the menu Thursday for the president’s Thanksgiving meal.

The first family will be dining on a main course of thyme-roasted turkey and honey-baked ham. They’ll eat a variety of sides including cornbread stuffing, oyster stuffing, macaroni and cheese and dinner rolls. The vegetable dishes served will be braised winter greens, sweet potato gratin, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.

The menu also includes five pies: banana cream, coconut cream, pumpkin, apple, pecan, and cherry.

According to the White House Press Office, the Obamas will be “dining with family.”

Darren Wilson To Resign


Via NY Post:

The white Ferguson cop who killed an unarmed black teen is in talks to resign from his police department — and may give up policing altogether, his lawyer said Wednesday night.

“It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when,” Officer Darren Wilson’s attorney, Neil Bruntrager, told CNN. “He’s on paid leave, and there are discussions that are going on right now to separate from the department in an amicable fashion.”

The news came a day after Wilson said that he lived in fear as he kept under the radar while awaiting a decision from the grand jury that ultimately chose not to charge him.

“I’d use the word stressful, but that’s an understatement,” Wilson told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos during a 90-minute interview in St. Louis.

“You just take precautions — everything you do, everywhere you go. You know, from where you sit in a restaurant to where you drive.”

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Thanksgiving Wins: #Ferguson Anarchists Plan To Disrupt Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade In NYC, Epic Fail Ensues


Via NY Post:

Anarchists plotted on Wednesday to disrupt the Thanksgiving Day Parade — feeling emboldened after cops allowed them to run free on major roadways like the FDR Drive and the West Side Highway, The Post has learned.

“The police aren’t going to arrest us and they are not going to shoot us,” an organizer who calls himself “Magiq” boasted to a group of two dozen rabble-rousers at a Union Square planning session Wednesday night.

“They’re walking right by us now with their heads down and their tails between their legs,” Magiq, 27, of Brooklyn taunted as scores of cops watched the group from across 14th Street.

The hashtag #StopTheParade was burning up Twitter as agitators planned a fresh wave of chaos following two nights running amok on city streets to protest the Ferguson, Mo., grand-jury decision.

“Yes, they’re planning on crashing the parade,” a law-enforcement source said. “With this hands-off approach, it gives them free rein to do anything they want. It’s a free pass to act like a fool.”

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So what happened?

They tried to get into the parade route and police gobbled up the turkeys…

Via NY Post:

The Thanksgiving Day Parade was barely under way when about half a dozen protesters were handcuffed Thursday morning after they ignored police officers and tried to march toward the parade route on Sixth Avenue.

Protesters chanted, “Justice for Mike Brown!” and “No justice, no peace!” referring to the unarmed black teen shot and killed by a white cop in Ferguson, Mo.
The protesters marched south from the New York Public Library and turned right on 37th Street toward Seventh Avenue about 9:30 a.m. – but then tried to make a U-turn toward the parade route.

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Parade was not disrupted.

Performers prepare for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York

What Astronauts Eat For Thanksgiving

Bad bad bad, both irradiated and turkey. But on the positive side, no Salon there to chastise you and be the food police!

Via NY Post:

Just be thankful you’re not eating this.

As millions of Americans indulge themselves in the usual fixings for Thanksgiving, the six members of the International Space Station will be chowing down on irradiated smoked turkey, thermostabilized candied yams and freeze-dried cornbread dressing.

The bright side — there’s no slaving over a hot stove for countless hours in space — one snip of the scissors and some water is all it takes for the Expedition 42 crew to treat themselves to “traditional holiday fare with a space-food flair,” according to NASA.

Once they’re done scarfing down the main course, which also includes freeze-dried green beans and mushrooms, the astronauts will cap the meal off with dessert: thermostabilized cherry-blueberry cobbler.

As for leftovers — there’s no fridge, making it impossible to preserve any of the scraps.

Salon: Stop Eating Turkey For Thanksgiving, Give Up Big Fat Holiday Travesty!

Uh, yeah, good luck with that! I’ve got a 14 pounder in the oven right now and I’m going to take a picture and send it to Salon. With a side of sausage stuffing…


From my family to yours, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

New Black Panthers Plotted To Bomb Gateway Arch, Assassinate St. Louis Prosecutor, Ferguson Police Chief… Foiled By EBT Card…

My favorite part of this story: They wanted to buy two more bombs but couldn’t afford it until one of their girlfriend’s got her welfare payment.

Update to this story.

Via Stl. Today:

Two men indicted last week on federal weapons charges allegedly had plans to bomb the Gateway Arch — and to kill St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson — the Post-Dispatch has learned.

Sources close to the investigation were uncertain whether the men had the capability to carry out the plans, although the two allegedly did buy what they thought was a pipe bomb in an undercover law enforcement sting.

The men wanted to acquire two more bombs, the sources said, but could not afford to do it until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished. […]

One of the defendants’ plans, the sources said, included planting a bomb inside the observation deck at the top of the Arch. It was not clear how they could have gotten a bomb past airport-style security screening for rides up.

It also wasn’t clear, the sources said, whether the men intended to use bombs as the means to kill McCulloch and Jackson. Both officials became targets of national criticism and protests after Brown’s killing.

Local and federal authorities have served search warrants at two buildings, one in the 2500 block of Hampton Avenue in St. Louis and the other in the 1500 block of Reale Avenue in north St. Louis County, but the associated documents were sealed.

Holder Promises Liberal Activists He’s Going To Aggressively Investigate Ferguson Police After Grand Jury Decision…


Holder is never one to pass up a chance to stoke racial tensions.

WASHINGTON, Nov 26 (Reuters) – U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told civil rights activists the Justice Department would aggressively investigate police practices in Ferguson, Missouri, after a grand jury declined to indict a white officer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager, two of the activists said on Wednesday.

In a phone call late on Monday, Holder, the country’s top law enforcer, said the Justice Department was “moving strongly” in its investigation of police patterns and practices, said Barbara Arnwine, executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, who was on the call.

Laura Murphy, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington legislative office, who was also on the call, said Holder is “very conscious of it needing to move quickly.”

A Justice Department spokesman on Wednesday confirmed a call took place.

St. Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade Cancelled Over Ferguson Riots…

Then again, parades are racist.

ST LOUIS — The Christmas in St. Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade has been postponed.

Explore St. Louis tweeted the information Tuesday, citing “unrest in our community.”

“Given the unrest in our community following the tragic death of Michael Brown, The Christmas in St. Louis Foundation is postponing the Ameren Missouri Thanksgiving Day Parade until later this holiday season,” the Christmas in St. Louis Foundation said in a statement. “More details will be shared once a new date is confirmed. In these challenging times, we encourage you to gather with your friends and loved ones to reflect, and enjoy this special and unique American tradition.”

NAACP President: Brown’s Stepfather Urging People To “Burn This Bitch Down” Was Not “A Call For Violence”…

Good grief.

Via Newsbusters:

On Tuesday night, Cornell Brooks, president of the NAACP, appeared on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront to discuss the shooting death of Michael Brown and dismissed calls for violence by a member of Michael Brown’s immediate family as inciting violence.

Burnett played video of Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, telling a crowd of protestors to “burn this bi*** down” after the grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson and asked Brooks if “that served as a call for violence?” Rather than condemn Brown’s stepfather’s highly charged rhetoric, the president of the NAACP proclaimed “I don’t think that was a call for violence or it caused violence.”

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