BREAKING: Doctor Who Treated Ebola Patients Rushed To Hospital In NYC With Ebola Symptoms – UPDATE: Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola…Update: Doc Rode On Subway Yesterday…


This doesn’t sound good. Several of the Doctors Without Borders folks have already died from Ebola.

Via NY Post:

The Big Apple may have its first case of Ebola.

A 33-year-old Doctors Without Borders physician who treated Ebola patients in Guinea and returned to New York City 10 days ago was rushed in an ambulance with police escorts from his Harlem home to Bellevue Hospital on Thursday, sources said.

Craig Spencer was suffering from Ebola-like symptoms — a 103-degree fever and nausea, sources said.

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UPDATE: Not good.

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 8.54.22 PM

He did not self-quarantine. He flew on planes from Guinea to Brussels and then from Brussels back to NYC. He lived in Harlem with his fiancee who he presumably exposed, went bowling last night at a trendy hipster bowling joint (rental shoes, rental ball), taking an Uber ride to get there and back. He sent his clothes out to be dry-cleaned.


Hotdog, this is some quarantine. He went on a 3-mile run yesterday (where presumably he sweat), took the A (I took the A train yesterday), 1 and L trains, then went bowling, according to the Health Commissioner.

Canadian-Muslim Journalist: Because Of Harper’s “Pro-US Agenda” Canada Got What It Deserved…

Canadian journalist Nelofer Pazira wrote this offensive drivel for The Independent:

The safest country in the world is no longer a safe place and many Canadians will be asking today whether this is because the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper pushed Canada into joining the US-led war in the Middle East.

A multicultural society which prided itself on tolerance became divided when the Conservative government put a number of Muslims on a “watch list” in addition to announcing three weeks ago that it would send 600 special forces members along with fighter jets to support the US effort in their fight against Isis in Iraq. Two Canadian soldiers were hit by a car on Monday near Montreal – one of them died later. The attacker was shot dead and identified as a Muslim convert influenced by “radical Islamists”.

Canada has a large Muslim population – more than 2 per cent are Canadian citizens – but the word “radicalised” only came into use recently when the Harper government revealed it believed that about 30 young Canadians had gone to support Isis. […]

But now he is sending them back to the Middle East. Canadians have been against joining wars on the basis that, historically, their country only sent peacekeepers abroad. However, Harper’s pro-American policies appear to have turned Canada – and indeed the seat of political power in the capital Ottawa – into a target. Now Canadians will not only be worried about travelling to Europe, America or the Middle East – but wondering if they’re even safe inside their own homes.

So what happens next? Will Canada’s Muslim community – which has existed for more than 100 years – now have to “re-prove” it is loyal to a country which is fighting in the Muslim world? There have been plenty of “plots” uncovered in the past – in one of which Muslim extremists were apparently threatening to kill MPs. Since 9/11, many Muslims in the country have offered to work in government security in order to prevent incidents like those this week. How long this co-operation will continue now that Canada is in action in Iraq is another question.

Feds Fund Study Teaching Mountain Lions How To Ride A Treadmill…

Your tax dollars, hard at work.

Via CNS News:

Every year, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn and his staff compile an exhaustive volume of wasteful government spending from that year. The 2014 tome is chock full of government waste ranging from the redundant to the downright absurd.

Here is a list of my personal worst of the worst in federal waste:

Teaching Mountain Lions to Ride a Treadmill: $856,000

The National Science Foundation shelled out nearly a million taxpayer dollars to determine if captive mountain lions could be trained to ride a treadmill. The University of California-Santa Cruz researcher even boasted about receiving the grant saying, “People just didn’t believe you could get a mountain lion on a treadmill, and it took me three years to find a facility that was willing to try.” If anyone was wondering, it took the lions all of eight months to learn.

Studying how many times “hangry” people stab a voodoo doll: $331,000

After teaching mountain lions about treadmills, the National Science Foundation also funded a study to come up with the self evident conclusion that hungry people tend to be more angry and aggressive. They tested this theory by allowing spouses to poke pins into voodoo dolls as their “hanger” grew.

“Over the course of twenty-one consecutive evenings, 107 couples were given a chance to stick up to 51 pins into a voodoo doll representing their spouse. The pin-pushing happened in secret, away from the other partner. Participants then recorded the number of pins they poked into the dolls. Those tests revealed what may already be obvious to many couples: a spouse with low blood sugar was an angrier one, and stuck more pins in the doll.”

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Video: Debate Audience Bursts Out Laughing When Democrat Uses “War On Women” Line To Attack GOP Opponent…

The look on her face after they start laughing says it all.

Dem Rep. Jared Polis Is Fired Up For The Colorado “Erection”…

Obama and Reggie Love nod in approval.

(WFB) – Congressman Jared Polis (D., Colo.) flubbed the word “election” during a stump speech for embattled Sen. Mark Udall (D., Colo.) on Thursday.

“More than just electing Mark Udall–a fine man that I’ve known for much of my life–to the United States Senate,” Polis said. “More than that, control of the United States Senate is what’s at stake here in this Colorado erection–Colorado election.”

Dem Sen. Mark Begich: Obama Is “Not Relevant” Anymore…

Only a racist would say Obama is irrelevant.

Via Washington Examiner:

Sen. Mark Begich might be facing attacks from Republicans over his degree of support for President Obama’s policies, but he didn’t dodge Wednesday when asked whether he personally voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

“I did, but that’s irrelevant,” Begich, the Democratic incumbent from Alaska, told the Washington Examiner. “The president’s not relevant. He’s gone in two years.”

Begich faces an existential threat from Republican Dan Sullivan in one of the pivotal Senate races this year, which could determine control of the Senate.

Malaysian Islamists Blame Tornadoes On Muslim Dog-Petting Event And Oktoberfest Beer Festival…


Wait, I thought global warming caused tornadoes? More on this story.

Via Malaysian Insider:

“What has caused tornadoes to be interested in coming to this country when all this while it has never been interested to do so,” the Selangor chapter of the group asked in a Facebook post.

“In the past, we only hear of it hitting the South China Sea and even if it does hit, it would be to Vietnam or the Philippines.

“Could it have something to do with the widespread vice, such as gambling centres, prostitution, beer and dog-petting festivals which have become an attraction?”

Last Sunday’s “I want to touch a dog” event, which attracted more than 1,000 Malaysians of all faiths, drew flak from numerous Muslim clerics who said it was an insult to Islam.

The annual Oktoberfest beer festival also ignited a storm of controversy among Muslims, particularly PAS and Umno leaders.

In its posting, Perkasa urged the public to reflect on the “truth” behind the disasters that had hit the country, adding that only Allah knew the truth.

Facebook users who commented on the post agreed that the tornadoes must be a reminder from God that He was unhappy with the recent developments in Malaysia.

“When vice is widespread, then Allah will unleash his wrath. When Islam is toyed by those who claim to be champions of the religion, then the disasters will be greater,” said Mohd Azizan Ismail.

Dem Sen. Pat Leahy Plays Race Card: Obama’s Opponents “Never Want To Have Another African-American President”…


Yeah, nothing to do with his ideology.

Via RCP:

TAVIS SMILEY: Those who are pushing for these tough ID laws, there are those who cherish their right to vote, in part because, including the Supreme Court, I might add. Whose argument seems to be that in the era of the first African-American president, these voter ID laws, these laws in the Voting Rights Act specifically, are no longer necessary. We afterall, have an African-American president. How then does one make the argument that we still have to have these laws that carve out special privileges and special protections of African-Americans when they’re done enough to elect a black president.

SEN. PAT LEAHY (D-Vermont): Well I was and am a strong supporter of Barack Obama, he’s one of 44 presidents. 43 White, 1 African-American. We’ve got to do more about that. But I also know that it is not just the president, it is the legislatures, the governors, the members of Congress. Because there are those who never want to have another African-American president, and that would be another very, very bad thing for this country.

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Pathetic: MSNBC Accuses GOP Rep. Tom Cotton Of “Disseminating ISIS Propaganda”…

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 2.32.31 PM


It’s been alarming to see so many Republicans use ISIS propaganda in their campaign ads. But Rep. Tom Cotton (R), the frontrunner in Arkansas’ U.S. Senate race, appears to have taken the tactic to a whole new level.

In recent months, most of the Republicans incorporating ISIS propaganda into their commercials have relied on the ISIS video in which James Foley was murdered. Foley’s family has pleaded not to even watch the footage, but in a few cases, politicians on the right have ignored those wishes.

But Andrew Kaczynski has uncovered an even more outrageous example.

“An ad from Republican Arkansas Senate candidate Tom Cotton about his military experience and national security issues uses footage from an ISIS propaganda video as B-roll.

Cotton’s ad, “Decisions,” which came out on Oct. 13, highlights the “tough decisions” Cotton would have to make as a senator about ISIS, the militant group that controls parts of Syria and Iraq, and cites Cotton’s work as an Army Ranger.

The ad about ISIS uses footage directly from the group – a 55-minute long ISIS video, “Flames of War,” which was professionally made and features graphic content that includes a mass execution of a group of men who fall into a ditch.”

The right-wing congressman claims in the ad that he’ll “make America safer” – and apparently he’ll do so by paying money to help disseminate footage from a terror video that ISIS is desperate to disseminate.

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How anyone could watch this and claim he’s helping ISIS is beyond me.

See Any Problem? Bellevue Hospital Demonstrates How To Receive Suspected Ebola Patients


Answer below the fold.

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Iranian President’s Senior Adviser Calls Obama The “Weakest U.S. President”…


Hey, that not true! . . . No, wait, yes it is.

Via Free Beacon:

The Iranian president’s senior advisor has called President Barack Obama “the weakest of U.S. presidents” and described the U.S. leader’s tenure in office as “humiliating,” according to a translation of the highly candid comments provided to the Free Beacon. [...]

“Obama is the weakest of U.S. presidents, he had humiliating defeats in the region. Under him the Islamic awakening happened,” Younesi said in a Farsi language interview with Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency.

“Americans witnessed their greatest defeats in Obama’s era: Terrorism expanded, [the] U.S. had huge defeats under Obama [and] that is why they want to compromise with Iran,” Younesi said.

Liberal Canadian MP Defends Islam After Terror Attack, Warns “Not To Speculate” Over Shooter’s Motives…

(click image for video)

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 1.55.21 PM

Here she is defending the Religion of Peace™

Via Soopermexican

UN: Detroit Shutting Water Off For Black Residents Who Don’t Pay Their Bills Is Racist, Obama Must Investigate…


White people who don’t pay their bills, not so lucky.

Via HuffPo:

United Nations experts are calling for a federal investigation of the water shutoffs that have affected thousands of Detroiters, expressing concern over the number of low-income black residents who are living without running water.

Two UN special rapporteurs made an informal trip to Detroit this weekend to hear first-hand from people who have had their water turned off or are struggling to pay high water bills.

“We were deeply disturbed to observe the indignity people have faced and continue to live with in one of the wealthiest countries in the world and in a city that was a symbol of America’s prosperity,” read a joint statement Monday from Catarina de Albuquerque, the UN’s special rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation, and Leilani Farha, whose role addresses adequate housing and the right to non-discrimination in housing. [...]

“We were also distressed to learn from the low-income African American residents of the impossible choices they are being compelled to make — to either pay their rent or their medical bill, or to pay their water bill,” Farha and de Albuquerque said.

“We recommend that the Federal Government immediately undertake an investigation into the water shut-offs to determine if they are having a disproportionate impact on African Americans and other groups protected against discrimination,” the two experts said.

Video: DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz Can’t Name A Single Senate Race Where Obama Will Campaign…

DWS is the train wreck that just keeps on giving.

Her deer in the headlights look after being asked to name one of the competitive races she just touted Obama is campaigning in (50 second mark):

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 5.09.24 PM

Via Free Beacon

Michelle Obama Tells Students To “Bring That Cute Guy Or Girl You Met At The Party Last Weekend” To Vote…


Nice constituents you have there, Mooch.

Florida City Votes For Southern Half Of State To Secede To Save Themselves From Global Warming…


Governor Al Gore?

Via WaPo:

The South Miami City Commission voted 3 to 2 for Florida’s 23 southern counties to secede and form a new state named South Florida because of frustration over environmental issues and a lack of concern by state leaders.

The average elevation in southern Florida is lower than in the north, and global warming and rising sea levels threaten the region, the city said in a resolution  this month. However, getting Tallahassee to pay attention to the growing problem is difficult, the city said.

“South Florida’s situation is very precarious and in need of immediate attention,” reads the resolution. “Presently, in order to address the concerns of South Florida, it is necessary to travel to Tallahassee in North Florida. Often South Florida issues do not receive the support of Tallahassee.”

The need to create a new state is a “necessity for the very survival of the entire southern region of the current state of Florida,” the commission said.

A copy of the resolution will be sent to the 23 counties and all municipalities in Miami-Dade County. To form a new state, a proposal must be approved by the state legislature and U.S. Congress. No state has been formed from a previously existing state since 1863 when West Virginia was created from Virginia.

Mooch Touts Dem Sen. Mark Udall As A “Fifth-Generation Coloradan” – One Problem, His GOP Opponent Is The Fifth-Generation Coloradan…

Udall was born and raised in Arizona, so she was just a tad off.

Obama On Dealing With A Crisis: “This Shit Would Be Really Interesting If We Weren’t Right In The Middle Of It”…


So instead he just ignores it and hopes it goes away.

Via Bloomberg Businessweek:

By the time President Obama gave in and appointed an Ebola czar on Oct. 17, the White House response to this latest national crisis had already run a familiar course: the initial assurance that everything was under control; the subsequent realization that it wasn’t; the delay as administration officials appeared conflicted about what to do; and the growing frustration with a president who seemed a step or two behind each new development. Meanwhile, public anxiety mounted as cable news hysteria filled the vacuum and shaped the perception of the unfolding crisis.

Obama calmly insisted there was nothing to worry about when the news first broke of Thomas Eric Duncan’s infection. “It’s important for Americans to know the facts,” he said on Oct. 6. “Because of the measures we’ve put in place, as well as our world-class health system and the nature of the Ebola virus itself, which is difficult to transmit, the chance of an Ebola outbreak in the United States is extremely low.” It soon became clear the health system wasn’t prepared; the virus spread, infecting two nurses who had treated Duncan. One of them had called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to report having a fever, yet was still allowed to board a commercial airliner on Oct. 13. The CDC’s guidelines were declared “absolutely irresponsible and dead wrong” by Sean Kaufman, director for safety training at Emory University Hospital, where two American missionaries from West Africa were treated for Ebola in August. But Obama clung to his position for two more weeks, even after it began to look ridiculous. [...]

It’s often said in Washington that the best politics is good policy. That hasn’t been Obama’s experience. Dragged down by Ebola and other headaches, his approval rating has dropped to 40 percent, the lowest yet in his presidency. Democrats are on the verge of losing the Senate partly as a result. This reflects the cost of botching the initial response to so many crises. All in all, it’s a fascinating case study in the interplay of modern media and politics, the sort of thing that would make for a good graduate seminar. “As Obama used to say all the time,” Axelrod says, “ ‘This shit would be really interesting if we weren’t right in the middle of it.’ ”


Canadian Rock Star Blames “Fascist” PM Stephen Harper Islamic Terror Attacks…

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 3.24.14 PM

I nominate Kevin Vickers to smack some sense into this turd.

Via HuffPo:

The shootings in Ottawa today prompted many Canadians across the country to turn to Twitter to voice their thoughts.

But a series of tweets by Stars singer Torquil Campbell, sent while parts of Ottawa were still on lockdown, caused considerable outrage as he called Prime Minister Stephen Harper a “fascist,” implied that his policies were indirectly responsible for the attack and predicted “this terrible event will be used by @pmharper to further his authoritarian agenda.”

The negative response came fast and furious, with Campbell engaging and retweeting, including getting into it with Harper’s former communications director Andrew MacDougall, a Stars fan with whom he has previously tussled with on Twitter.

Limbaugh: Voter Fraud May Be Only Reason Dems Stay in Power…


Via Mediaite:

Rush Limbaugh believes that Democrats aren’t as popular as they might seem, so why they keep holding power struck him as confusing. But in reaction to a report about possible voter fraud in Cook County, Limbaugh suspected that––voter fraud––must be a big reason for them continuing to win.

Limbaugh cited polls, as well as less-than-impressive book sales for Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo‘s recent books, to say Democrats aren’t as popular as the media might build them up to be. Of the left in general, Limbaugh said, “They don’t have any audience on their cable news shows. They’re not these rock star, popular, admirable figures that people run around emulating and wish they were like.”

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