Tingles: Democrats Distancing Themselves From Obama Like He Has Ebola…


Via Real Clear Politics:

Chris Matthews reacts to Democratic Senate candidates Michelle Nunn (D-GA) and Mark Begich (D-AK), an incumbent, dodging the question if they voted for Obama.

“That’s the way people walk past guys who are trying to get a buck or a quarter from somebody,” Matthews said describing the candidates ignoring the question from a tracker.

“It’s like Obama has Ebola,” Matthews said on Monday’s broadcast of Hardball on MSNBC. “I wasn’t near him! I didn’t touch him!”


WaPo: More Than A Half-Dozen Witnesses Have Given Testimony That Supports Officer’s Account Of Michael Brown Shooting…

And we already have a good idea what’s going to happen if charges are not filed against Officer Darren Wilson.

Via Washington Post:

Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown after they fought for control of the officer’s gun and after Brown moved toward Wilson as they faced off in the street, according to interviews, news accounts and the full report of the St. Louis County autopsy of Brown’s body.

Because Wilson is white and Brown was black, the case has ignited intense debate over how police interact with African American men. But more than a half-dozen unnamed black witnesses have provided testimony to a St. Louis County grand jury that largely supports Wilson’s account of events of Aug. 9, according to several people familiar with the investigation who spoke with The Washington Post.

Some of the physical evidence — including blood spatter analysis, shell casings and ballistics tests — also supports Wilson’s account of the shooting, The Post’s sources said, which cast Brown as an aggressor who threatened the officer’s life. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they are prohibited from publicly discussing the case.

The grand jury is expected to complete its deliberations next month over whether Wilson broke the law in confronting Brown, and the pending decision appears to be prompting the unofficial release of information about the case and what the jurors have been told.

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Canadian Soldiers Told Not To Wear Their Military Uniforms In Public…

Thanks to the Religion of Peace™

Via Fox News:

A top military official Tuesday warned soldiers in Canada’s eastern provinces to avoid wearing their uniforms in public out of fear of being targeted in the wake of deadly attacks on personnel in Quebec and Ontario.

In an email titled “urgent measures,” Rear Admiral John Newton – who commands the Maritime Forces Atlantic and Joint Task Force Atlantic, a combined 23,000 personnel – tells soldiers “to restrict movement in uniform in public as much as possible.”

The note also asks personnel to stay in their respective buildings for the time being and to get the message out quickly, according to the Halifax Herald News.

The email was sent out about an hour after a series of reported shootings in Ottawa.

In Halifax, Capt. Peter Ryan, a spokesman at the Stadacona base, told the Herald News that security measures have been changed from the norm.

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It Begins: Top Senate Democratic Officials Start Lashing Out At “Embarrassing” White House…

obama-ap-smile_c0-29-700-437_s561x327 (1)

“The ineptitude of the White House political operation has sunk from annoying to embarrassing.”

Via National Journal:

The relationship between the White House and Senate Democrats hit a new low Tuesday evening after the administration’s press office released a transcript of first lady Michelle Obama’s appearance in Iowa on behalf of Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley. The problem: The subject line of the e-mail referred to Braley as the “Democratic candidate for governor.”

The botch came after the first lady repeatedly referred to the Democratic Senate nominee as “Bruce Bailey” in a campaign appearance earlier this month—and it took an attendee in the crowd to correct her mistake. On Tuesday, she made light of the incident, reminding the audience she messed up his name last time and joking that she sometimes calls Barack Obama “Bo.” But the self-inflicted errors continued after her speech with the White House press shop’s email. At midnight, two hours after the initial press release, the White House issued a corrected e-mail that reflected his accurate title.

Indicating the sensitivity of the mistake, top Senate Democratic officials wasted no time lashing out at the Obama administration’s political team in response, suggesting it was acting like a junior varsity operation two weeks before the midterms. The slipup comes one day after President Obama told Rev. Al Sharpton on his radio show that Senate Democrats keeping their distance from him are still “folks who vote with me. They have supported my agenda in Congress.” That alarmed Senate Democrats up for reelection this November, most of whom are working hard to distance themselves from an unpopular president.

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Canada Terror Update: Eyewitness Says Shooter Was Wearing A Palestinian-Style Keffiyeh, Had A Beard, “Shouted Something” After Gunning Down Soldier…

Anyone want to speculate about what he yelled? I’m guessing it rhymes with “Allah Snackbar.”

Via National Post:

I was about to give a speech five minutes from Parliament Hill when word came through that shots had been fired at the War Memorial.

The CBC’s Evan Solomon and I took off on foot, racing up Sparks Street and arrived at the Cenotaph a couple of minutes later to find a scene that is going to change this country forever.

A police officer raced toward the scene, shouting into his walkie talkie: “DND member down.” [...]

A friend, who does not wish to be identified, said he saw the whole thing from his office window, overlooking the Cenotaph.

“I saw the whole thing; it was unbelievable. Three shots, two at point blank range,” he said. The shooter was young, 30ish, Caucasian and male. He had dark, longish hair, facial hair and a black and white Palestinian type head scarf over his face, which he pulled down after the shooting. Then he held up the gun and shouted something that I didn’t hear.”

The young soldier was wearing a kilt — he is a reservist from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada in Hamilton — and appeared to have a bloody chest wound. The thought struck me that there should be a very special place in Hell reserved for a terrorist who shoots a soldier guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that honours this country’s fallen.

US And Iraq Draw Up Plan For Ground Force Attack On ISIS…


Yet still saying no Americans will be participating in combat on the ground…

Via Independent UK:

The United States and Iraq are drawing up a campaign plan for offensive operations by Iraqi ground forces to gradually reclaim towns and cities that have been occupied by Isis, according to a senior US official.

The plan, described as methodical and time-consuming, will not begin in earnest for several months and is designed to ensure that Iraqi forces do not over-extend themselves before they are capable of taking and holding territory controlled by the militants.

It may also include American advisers in the field with the Iraqis, should that be recommended by American military commanders, said the official, who updated reporters on administration strategy on the condition of anonymity. The advisers, the official said, would not participate in combat. President Barack Obama has said repeatedly that no US ground forces would be deployed to Iraq.

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Obama’s No-Show Ebola Czar FINALLY Starts Working…


Oh, thank God. What would anyone do without him there?! Ron Klain finally started “working” today after missing 2 White House meetings. He also won’t be at a House hearing on Friday.

Via Washington Times:

Political point man or medical manager? That is the persistent question for Ron Klain, who officially begins his tenure as the nation’s “Ebola response coordinator” on Wednesday. The choice of the deft Mr. Klain — an attorney and former chief of staff to Vice Presidents Joseph R. Biden and Al Gore and an associate counsel to former President Bill Clinton — has critics wondering if President Obama “sees Ebola as a political crisis, not a health crisis” in the words of Rep. Bill Cassidy, Louisiana Republican.

It is certainly a strategic crisis, riddled with mixed messages and tardy responses that Mr. Klain must cobble into coherence for the press and an alarmed public. Both have noticed that the newly minted czar will not appear before an upcoming House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform hearing on Ebola chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican. That could change.

Meanwhile, there is also a report that Mr. Klain accepted his position because of a future appointment as a replacement for John Podesta, counselor to President Obama.

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The Cost Of The 2014 Elections? Just A Meager $4 Billion…


Everyone knows the more money they spend the more annoying the campaigns become…

Via Capitol City Project:

This year’s midterm elections are shaping up to be the costliest ever, with a projection of reaching close to $4 billion mark and in the process reaching an all-time high.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, candidates and parties alone will top $2.7 billion in spending, as outside groups will come extremely close to the $900 million mark. In 2010 and 2012, the congressional portions of the elections both respectively hit $3.6 billion in total money spent. This year, that figure is expected to surpass those by $333 million.

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D.C.-Area Hospital: We Were Not Yet Prepared To Take Suspected Ebola Patient…


Was anyone prepared anywhere?

Via CNS News:

(CNSNews.com) – The Virginia Hospital Center, which is rated as one of the nation’s Top 100 hospitals and which turned away a suspected Ebola patient last Friday after the patient waited outside the hospital in an ambulance for an estimated 20 minutes, says it was not yet prepared to admit the patient at that time in light of suspected Ebola cases that had surfaced elsewhere and changing CDC guidelines.

The hospital says it believed it first needed to finish constructing an anteroom that staff could use going in and out of a suspected Ebola patient’s room in the hospital’s “biocontainment area.”

“When the Ebola crisis initially unfolded and early guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) were released, Virginia Hospital Center put in place processes and protocols that allowed us to safely screen suspected Ebola patients,” the hospital said in a written statement.

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EXCLUSIVE: IS Suporter On Ottawa Shooting: “We Are Everywhere”

A man identifying himself as a supporter of the Islamic State responded to a Tweet from France’s “France 24″ News station with the following message:



“soldiers of #Islamic_state who are everywhere around the globe declared war on the coalition countries”

More of the same…

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.21.39 PM

Helluva Job: Secret Service Diverted Agents To Monitor Personal Dispute…


Priorities, or something.

Via Daily Caller:

Secret Service agents improperly diverted attention from their job monitoring the area near the White House to conduct welfare checks of a fellow agent’s home in suburban Maryland following a private dispute.

That is the finding of Department of Homeland Security Inspector General John Roth who sent a report detailing the special operation to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Though the unit that performed the unofficial checks — the Prowler unit — was not directly responsible for protecting the president, its agents typically monitor the area around the White House. President Obama was present at the White House on two days while the special watch mission was taking place.

The incident stretches back to June 30, 2011, when an assistant to the Office of the Director at the Secret Service says she was harassed by a neighbor. The neighbor assaulted her father, who lost several teeth in the altercation.

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USA Today Op-Ed: “Christian Extremists” Are A Bigger Terrorist Threat Than Jihadists…

Tell that to Canada.

Christian extremists pose threat – USA Today

Just when it seemed as if Nevada deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy had ridden off into the news media sunset, he has come trotting back with a challenge to Attorney General Eric Holder to debate the existence of racism in America.

In an ad supporting Independent American Party candidate Kamau Bakari’s challenge to Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., Bundy — white horse and all — chats with Bakari, who is African American, about the problem of black “political correctness,” and how “black folks think white folks owe them something.”

Bakari calls Bundy — who in April surrounded himself with armed supporters to avoid paying more than $1 million in grazing fees and penalties he had accumulated over two decades — “a brave white man.” Then comes the challenge to Holder.

This could be dismissed as yet the latest, and perhaps strangest, episode in Bundy’s self-created patriot saga, were it not for a recent report by the federally funded National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.

Drawing upon surveys of law enforcement and intelligence experts, the report cited the sovereign citizen movement — Bundy’s law-defying, government-denying crowd — as the most potent U.S. terrorist threat: more threatening than Islamist jihadists, who along with militia/patriots, racist skinheads and neo-Nazis rounded out the top five.

Now, factor the Islamists — the usual default terrorist suspects — out of this list, and a striking pattern emerges. Contrary to the popular opinion that radical Islam is the primary threat to homeland security, Christianity provides the other four groups with their extremist rationale. All are in one way or another affiliated with the Christian Identity movement, a hodgepodge of anarchist and white supremacist politics dedicated to white Christian activism. It’s all about God vs. government, and shoring up the rights of Anglo-Saxon Americans.

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Classy: Liberal Group’s Video Features Little Girls Dropping Barrage Of F-Bombs To Promote Feminism…

A few choice quotes from the video:

“I’m not some pretty f*cking hopeless princess in distress!”

“Pay up, motherf*cker!”

“Start teaching boys not to f*cking rape!”

HT: Mediaite

White House Botches Name Of Same Dem Senate Candidate Mooch Flubbed Earlier This Month…

You know things aren’t going well for Obama when a top Senate Dem aide says things like, “the ineptitude of the White House political operation has sunk from annoying to embarrassing.”

Via Fox News:

The White House botched the identity of a prominent Senate Democratic candidate for a second time this month – in the latest misstep that has party allies griping about the president’s political operation.

One senior Senate Democratic aide was quoted telling the National Journal that “the ineptitude of the White House political operation has sunk from annoying to embarrassing.”

The latest incident surrounds a rally for Iowa Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley, who is in a tight Senate race against Republican Joni Ernst. Earlier this month, first lady Michelle Obama botched his name – repeatedly calling him “Bruce Bailey” at a campaign event. At her second campaign stop for him on Tuesday, she got it right. But the White House transcript … got it wrong.

The transcript sent out after the event identified Braley as the Democratic candidate for governor.

Braley is running for Senate. The White House later sent out a corrected version.

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Far-Left Jackass Glenn Greenwald On Terror Attacks In Canada: They Had It Coming…

Glenn Greenwald and his partner David Miranda

Greenwald may have done some decent work exposing the abuses of our civil liberties but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a major Islamist sympathizer (despite being gay) who is about as far to the left as it gets.

Canada, At War For 13 Years, Shocked That “A Terrorist” Attacked Its Soldiers – Glenn Greenwald

In Quebec on Monday, two Canadian soldiers were hit by a car driven by Martin Couture-Rouleau, a 25-year-old Canadian who, as The Globe and Mail reported, “converted to Islam recently and called himself Ahmad Rouleau.” One of the soldiers died, as did Courture-Rouleau when he was shot by police upon apprehension after allegedly brandishing a large knife. Police speculated that the incident was deliberate, alleging the driver waited for two hours before hitting the soldiers, one of whom was wearing a uniform. The incident took place in the parking lot of a shopping mall 30 miles southeast of Montreal, “a few kilometres from the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean, the military academy operated by the Department of National Defence.”

The right-wing Canadian government wasted no time in seizing on the incident to promote its fear-mongering agenda over terrorism, which includes pending legislation to vest its intelligence agency, CSIS, with more spying and secrecy powers in the name of fighting ISIS. A government spokesperson asserted “clear indications” that the driver “had become radicalized.” [...]

In sum, the national mood and discourse in Canada is virtually identical to what prevails in every Western country whenever an incident like this happens: shock and bewilderment that someone would want to bring violence to such a good and innocent country (“a peaceable Canadian community like Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu”), followed by claims that the incident shows how primitive and savage is the “terrorist ideology” of extremist Muslims, followed by rage and demand for still more actions of militarism and freedom-deprivation.

Palestinian Terrorist Wounds 9 Israelis Including 3-Month-Old Baby – AP Headline: “Israeli Police Shoot Man”…

Palestinian Terrorist Shoots 9 Israelis, Including 3-Month-Old Baby – AP’s Headline: “Israeli Police Shoot Man”…

The AP’s original headline:

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 12.53.43 PM

Scrubbed to this (with no mention of it being updated):

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 12.54.07 PM

Still visible in their URL:


Google as well still shows the original headline:

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 1.03.31 PM

JERUSALEM (AP) — A motorist slammed a car into a crowded train stop in east Jerusalem on Wednesday, wounding nine people in what police said appeared to be an nationalistically motivated attack.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the car struck the train station near the national headquarters of Israel’s police force. The driver got out of the car and tried to flee before he was shot by a police officer.

He said police were investigating but all signs pointed to an intentional attack. “There is a strong possibility that it was a terror attack,” he said.

Rosenfeld said the driver was in serious condition, while three of the wounded bystanders, including an infant, were in serious condition.

They also manage to blame the attack inn “Jewish extremists.”

East Jerusalem has experienced months of unrest since a Palestinian teenager was kidnapped and burned to death by Jewish extremists in early July.

HT: JPost’s Lahav Karkov

CDC Announces “Mandatory” 21-Day Monitoring Period For Anyone Arriving In U.S. From Ebola Countries…

I could sworn this was racist.

Via The Hill:

All travelers who arrive in the U.S. from Ebola-stricken countries will be closely watched by public health officials starting Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Wednesday.

Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC, said that starting Monday anyone arriving from the three countries — Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia — will be actively monitored on a daily basis.

They will also face new rules about where they can travel within the United States, and must coordinate with health agencies in other states to ensure they continue to be monitored.

Pic From Canadian Terror Attack: Woman Gives Mouth-To-Mouth To Soldier Shot Outside War Memorial

Prayers for the soldier.


Via Daily Beast’s Scott Bixby

Canadian Terror Attack Thread II: Shooter Confirmed Dead – Update: More Shots Fired At Chateau Laurier Hotel – Update: Police Confirm 3 Different Shootings – Update: Terrorists Wearing ISIS-Style All Black Outfits, Faces Covered…

At least one has been virginized.

Update: Lots of reports of multiple gunmen, if this is accurate it would confirm those reports.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.43.00 AM

Update: Police confirm “numerous gunmen” involved in attack.

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 11.31.22 AM

Update: This is no doubt a copycat of the Mumbai attacks.

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 11.44.06 AM

Update: The chances this isn’t related to ISIS is pretty low at this point.

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 11.50.14 AM


Unreal: MSNBC Already Using Canadian Terror Attack To Push Gun Control…

Beyond shameless.

Via Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski